Disaster Resources for Florida United Ways

In addition to the important DISASTER LINKS below, United Way of Florida has compiled a small library of DISASTER PREPAREDNESS & RESPONSE RESOURCES, as well as a DISASTER RESOURCES TOOL KIT for Florida United Ways.  Feel free to adapt these examples to your organization’s disaster-related practices and preparedness plans.


Disaster Links


United Way Disaster Preparedness & Response Resources:


Disaster Resources Tool Kit

Acknowledgements:  Comprehensive Emergency Management Associates, LLC (CEMA), created the document upon which the four components below are derived, through a contract with the Michigan Association of United Ways.


This guide has four components:

1.  Personal Preparedness Plan.  Before we can think about preparedness at any other level, we must ensure that each of us individually as well as our family is prepared for an emergency.


2.  Emergency Action Checklist.  Once at work, we must ensure that we have a viable office emergency plan to protect all staff and visitors in the event of a crisis.  A completed copy of this checklist should be readily accessible at a primary entrance/exit to the facility. 


3.  Business Continuity Plan.  The first two planning components are about taking care of people.  With those plans in place the next challenge becomes how to get your office back up and operating as quickly as possible, so that we can resume our role of assisting the community.  The activities related to this process are called Business Continuity Planning. 


4.  United Way and Community Crisis Response.  Once you have taken care of yourself, your family, and your people, and your office is back up and operating, United Way can now plan a role in the recovery phase of the crisis.  This component will help you prepare your United Way to serve as a major resource in assisting your community in its recovery efforts.  The particular role you will plan will depend upon what your United Way, and your community determines is necessary.

  • Sample volunteer reception center plans:





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