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  • 2016 Archived Webinars:
    • MISSION UNITED.  Original Date: January 22, 1068, 2014
      Overview:  Kathleen Cannon and Bob Brown share how both their organizations got started with the MISSION UNITED program.  This program provides a great service for veterans and increases visibility for your United Way organization.  Learn more information on how to launch a successful MISSION UNITED program in your community!  Following the formal presentation is Q&A.
  • 2014 Archived Webinars:
    • Pitching your collective impact model to your communityOriginal Date: February 21, 2014
      Overview:  Nationally renowned speakers Bill Crim, Sr. VP of Collective Impact and Public Policy at United Way of Salt Lake; Dr. Angelo Gonzales, Executive Director of “Mission: Graduate” at United Way of Central New Mexico; and Ed Rivera, CEO of United Way of Central New Mexico share the journeys their UWs took to move towards this new model.  They address the challenges they have faced, the partnerships that proved crucial in gaining public support for collective impact, and success stories they have enjoyed throughout the process.  Q&A following the formal presentation.
  • Charlotte County Needs Assessment 2013 (Just completed in October.  The working poor has become a huge focus area for us as a result of this document. -- Carrie Blackwell Hussey, Executive Director, United Way of Charlotte County.)
  • Have a CI best practice you'd like to share or know of another United Way's best practice you'd like to see more information on?  Let Beth Meredith know!


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